Energy Monitor User Manual

Getting Started

Once your PhiSaver is installed, you can login with the details provided and view your energy consumption in real time. See below for tutorials:

Getting Started with PhiSaver

There are more videos and tutorials on PhiSaver’s YouTube channel.

My device is not working. What do I do?

Firstly, don’t panic. 99% of problems are WiFi related. This means the unit is running happily but can’t connect to the internet. It’s still recording. Contact PhiSaver if you have any issues. But first, try these suggestions:

  • Just restart the device. Turn it off at the powerpoint and then one again. There are two connections – just do them both.
  • Check the flash codes (see a list on this page, below)
  • Check your WiFi is working (e.g. test with a phone)
  • Can you can see the unit on your local Wifi. ( connect to your router or use a phone app like Fing.)

Connecting to a new WiFi network

If you change your WiFi password or name you’ll need to update PhiSaver. After you have setup the new WiFi, restart PhiSaver (turn if off then on) and configure:

  1. Unplug and re-plug the IotaWatt’s USB connection. You should see a “RED GREEN GREEN” flash code.
  2. On a computer, browse available WiFi networks. Connect to your device’s Wifi . The device name is printed on the box. Use the password: IotaWatt
  3. In a web browser, goto
  4. Select your WiFi network name and enter the password.

Restart PhiSaver and it will automatically connect to your WiFi network.

Flash Codes

See full details. In brief:

  • black: no power
  • green pulse: all is well
  • red-green-green: cannot connect to WiFi.

Improving Your Cost Accuracy

PhiSaver estimates your costs. Your total cost is the combination of:

  • import cost ($) is the measured import (kWh) multiplied by your import rate ($/kWh)
  • export rebate ($) is the measured export (kWh) multiplied by your export rate ($/kWh)
  • service cost ($) is the billing period (days) multiplied by your service rate ($/day)

Confused? Just adjust your rates to match you bill. See this video: