PhiSaver Energy Monitor

Step 1

The PhiSaver’s IotaWatt component is installed in the fusebox, then …

Step 2

… results are displayed in real-time on a tablet or webpage …

Step 3

… with trends recorded. Optimise your energy production and consumption.

How does it work?

PhiSaver monitors up to 14 sub-circuits and provides highly reliable operation without batteries or maintenance.

A mobile-phone-sized data collector is installed in your switchboard, and connects via WiFi.

Individual circuits (up to 14) are monitored continuously. The data is stored in the cloud for viewing.

Consumption by circuit is available via phone or PC.

Solar and battery systems can be integrated into the system.

How is it different?

Simple wireless energy monitors only monitor the whole-of-building usage and, being battery powered, are notoriously unreliable. In-built solar panel systems monitor only solar and whole-of-building usage.

What savings are available?

  • Identify faulty equipment (10-30% savings): poorly configured hot water systems, high standby load air-conditioners, over-running pool and hot water pumps.
  • Identify energy hungry appliances (0% – 20% savings): older fridges and outside lights can be economically replaced.
  • Awareness (5% – 20%): a quick glance at your monitor before leaving the building, or going on holidays can prevent inadvertent wastage.
  • Maximise solar use (0% – 30%): track your solar production and configure equipment to run when you have surplus energy.

What’s the cost?

Just call or email for a free quote

Costs vary with system complexity

No subscription fees.

Installation can be arranged with your or our electrician


Cloud data storage

Multiple site and switchboard aggregation

Custom visualisation and analytics

Alerts via screen or SMS or email

How do I get one?

Step 1

Contact us at or call Brett on 0423 385 624 to get started

Step 2

We’ll arrange a free consultation onsite to discuss your needs and ensure your switchboard is suitable.

Step 3

We’ll install the system and show you how to act on the results.

What other options are available?


Any number of sensors, such as water usage, temperature and humidity can be integrated into the system. Wired or wireless models are available.


Using the results, we can provide detailed recommendations, or official Energy Audits to AS3598. Check out a sample report.


Where do you service?

Systems are available for supply and install in the Brisbane, Australia area.

National locations can be serviced with the onsite help of a local electrician.

International installation have also be undertaken, but not all countries’ supply to suitable – Europe and the UK are fine.

Can I monitor 3 phase?

You sure can. One sensor is used per phase, or a single one can be used if the phases are balanced.

What does it include?

  • Hardware including hardware unit, power supplies, cabling, current transformers
  • Software including configuration of your devices
  • User training
  • Unlimited support for 3 months

Is my building suitable?

Most, but not all electrical boards are suitable. We’ll check that you:

  • Have a safe electrical board
  • Have a powerpoint nearby
  • Have WiFi available at the switchboard

We can arrange an electrician to rectify any issues.

Is my home or business suitable?

  • Typical clients include small-medium business, schools, gyms, larger homes, clubs and like.
  • Factories and light-industry are also suitable.
  • Very small tenancies in multi-storey offices are typically unsuited, as their air-conditioning is the major consumer and separately metered.
  • Large consumers are suitable

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