Installation Manual

This guide is intended for electricians installing PhiSaver.


You’ll receive an enclosure with everything required:

  • 1x IotaWatt central unit, pre-configured
  • ~10x CTs (current transformers, walnut sized with 1.2m lead)
  • 1x VTs (voltage transformer, a plug pack)
  • 1x microcomputer (matchbox size), pre- configured
  • 1x USB plug pack
  • 1x USB cable an 1x VT cable

The final install looks like this:

Final install

… and this on the inside:

Inside the board – blue CT, small white CTs (bottom right) and black CTs (bottom right)

Step 1 : Powerpoints / GPOs

Install a GPO is necessary. Two points (one VT, one USB power) are required. If necessary, the USB power is a pass-through unit but two points are neater. Install in the board (DIN) or externally. Later, route the two cables (VT, USB) from the plugpacks to the enclousure.

Step 2 : Mount the Enclosure

The enclosure is about 200×300 and waterproof. Mount next to the board. CT cables will pass from the board to the enclosure.

Depending on the wall, it is possible to route the cables inside the wall. Otherwise, use 32mm conduit to pass the cables through.

Step 3 : Install CTs

Clip the active (only) of each monitored circuit with a CT. A list is supplied of which circuits get which CTs. After clipping, route the lead to the IotaWatt. Each CT is numbered and plugs into the IotaWatt.

Step 4 : Install VTs and USB

Plug in the 9v transformer (the heavy one) and route the lead to the IotaWatt. It is labeled “9V AC REF”.

Plug in the USB adaptor and cable, and route to the IotaWatt. It is labelled “5V DC USB”

Plug in the second USB cable to the adaptor, and route to the red and white microcomputer. Plug it in to the microcomputer as shown below.

USB Power supply here (small unit)
USB Power supply here (big unit)

Step 5 : Power Up

Double check all wiring. Particularly that the CTs are clipped (should be a ‘click’) and that then are fully pushed into the IotaWatt.

Turn on power and everything will connect. Contact Brett for final checks and instructions, then you can check its working on your phone.