Pricing Information 2024

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Monthly Energy Saving Plans

Each PhiSaver install provides one year of Standard plan.

(The monitor works without a plan. Data is logged and downloadable, but you’ll miss the sweet energy saving opportunities use).



Best for home owners

4G data
Cloud Analytics


Best for most buildings

4G data
Cloud Analytics

Custom Alerts
Energy Coach



Best for large sites

Public Dashboard
Multiple Site Aggregation

4G data provides reliable communication without WiFi

Cloud Analytics enable you to see your power

Reports are emailed to you monthly, tracking your improvements

Custom Alerts by phone allow instant warning (“your solar is down!”)

Energy Coach provides a professional engineer’s review of your opportunities

Maintenance provides onsite visits to solve any issues like circuit changes, vandalism, etc.

An annual, on site, AS3598 energy efficiency report keeps you on top of the big picture.

Permanent Installs



Smaller buildings

Main switchboard

Features as for Standard with up to 28 sensors in main board

Installation (metro)


Two Switchboards

Covers all your usage and production in detail



Multi-building sites

Three Switchboard

Features as for Standard with up to 70 sensors across 3 boards

Installation (metro)

Hardware supply and installation depends on the site, specifically the number of switchboards.

Pricing includes installation.

The installation is permanent – it’s a valuable addition to your building.

Hardware is professionally installed by accredited electricians, everything is provided as a complete solution.

If you need a custom quote please contact PhiSaver. We can usually do this off photos.