Should I buy a new fridge?

TLDR> Yeah, you probably should.

My 15 year old fridge was pretty tired. Its seals were decayed and I considered just buying a new fridge. But would I save energy?

PhiSaver can tell us!

Typical Usage

Daily energy consumption of a oldish fridge, 90 days

My old normcore fridge used 2.1 kWh/day (770 kWh/year).

At typical rates that’s $230 a year.

Break it down

That’s 20% of my consumption:

It’s … a new fridge

Thanks to I saw that same-size modern fridges can use 173kWh/year. So I bought a HiSense 410L 6 star monolith. It’s pretty. It has no bells.

Here’s the comparison of old and new:

Two days, two fridges (2)

On the left, the old fridge, using 175W about 50% of the time. That’s 770kWh/year.

On the right, the new fridge using 40W about 75% of the time. That’s 183kWh/year. Reasonably close to claimed consumption.

Was it worth it?

So the new fridge:

  • uses 75% less energy, saving 580 kWh per year
  • that saves half of a ton of carbon per year
  • that saves $175 per year(4)
  • that’s a simple payback of 5 years(1)
  • that’s a NPV of $200 (3)

So yeah, if you’re reading this, probably buy a new efficient fridge.

(1) The new fridge cost $1000. There’s rebates available for upgrading fridges (not included).

(2) That odd spike is, I think, a once-off start-up mode thing. I’ll confirm.

(3) Net Present Value is “now much is this purchase worth to me overall”. I used a cost of $1000, 7.5% discount rate and 10 year life span.

(4) At a standard 30c a kilowatt hour