Video: Pool Pump Energy

Check out a typical site’s analysis in this video. Despite being inconspicuous, some pool pumps can use more than 50% of a house’s energy. PhiSaver can identity and track improvements.

When considering your pool usage:

  • Use PhiSaver to identify you current energy consumption (pumps are typically 1000W and run 10 hours a day).
  • Consider your usage and talk to a pool shop about options before making drastic changes.
  • In conjunction with your pool shop use PhiSaver to target the best measures for you
    • Run-time control : seasonal control can run your pump less in Winter
    • Run-time control: run when your PV is operating
    • Pump replacements: based on your current power, it may be economical to replace your pump with a modern VSD.
    • Heating: use PhiSaver to determine if heating is running as expected